Our story

Working as an expat in the Middle East and Africa, Thomas often found himself in social situations where alcohol wasn’t an option. And since the drinks that were available were either too sweet, weak in flavor or just bad copies of their original alcoholic versions, he decided to do something about it.

The solution turned out to be quite a discovery. Thomas came up with the idea of replacing the substance giving the rush (alcohol) with Capsaicin (the hot stuff in chili). Because chili doesn’t only get our taste buds all tingling and excited. Capsaicin triggers the release of happiness endorphins and creates a physical buzz. Simply put, Caliente is the first drink that replaces the good feelings from alcohol, but without bringing on that annoying headache we tend to get. And guess what? Chili is a taste enhancer, which means that we can keep the sugar content in our drinks really low, plus that they pair great with food. Need we say more?

Ok, back to the story. With almost two decades experience from the drinks industry, Thomas was aware of the standard cheating methods. If he was going to quit his job and pursue his dream, it had to be done “the Swedish way”. Which in his book meant quality, full transparency and with as little impact on nature as possible.

He moved back to Sweden and gathered a bunch of taste-loving individuals who all in one way or the other lacked a fun, non-alcoholic drink.

One of the biggest challenges proved to be making Caliente hot, but without tasting like a BBQ sauce. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it fortunately led to us to coming up with the idea of our very own secret way of distilling Capsaicin from fresh chilies.
After developing and testing, we finally came up with the perfect balance between hot, sweet and sour – crafted from the finest organic ingredients and pure Swedish water.

The rest is history.

We’re not radicals. We just want to show people that choosing non-alcoholic doesn’t have to be boring. It can be the opposite, really. If you choose chili.

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