Why we fell in love with Capsaicin

We missed non-alcoholic options that weren’t either bad copies or too sweet. And realized that chilies (or more precisely the Capsaicin inside them) was a great substitute. Extracted Capsaicin would give us a drink that gives the same warm feeling as a sip of whiskey – without tasting like a hot sauce = making the perfect sip friendly drink.

Soon we also learned that Capsaicin stimulates the reward center in the brain (just like alcohol) and release happiness endorphins. That’s of course nice.

And as an added plus, chili (again, just like alcohol) helps to bring out other flavors = we can keep the sugar content really low and still get full flavored drinks. Without any additives, flavor enhancers or sweeteners.

Ok, now you know. Have a great rest of the day!

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